Thursday, April 4, 2013

Mobile Second Life

There are times I find it very handy to be able to pop into Second Life for a few minutes to touch base with someone without having to turn my desktop on to do so.   For example, it is perfect for doing things such as letting my long term (since 2005) Second Life love know that I need to finish a few things up before I come in world.

In my love's arms at our favorite Sunday night dance on Second Life.

For times like this, I am very glad that there is a Second Life app that works on the Kindle Fire (original and HD).  Note that the picture above was taken using a full viewer.   Mobile Grid Client is a text only client.

Unlike SL apps like Lumiya (which is not available for the Kindle Fire), you do need to pay monthly (in lindens) for Mobile Grid Client after your free 20 day trial runs out, but I simply have it linked to my 2005 Second Life account.   She receives a $500 linden a week stipend, so it is easy to have the $250 linden a month for Mobile Grid deducted from it.

Yes, I would prefer an app that I could pay for just once instead of monthly but until I have a new cell phone, my only Second Life mobile option is Mobile Grid Client (MBC).   If you are looking for a way to touch base with your Second Life friends with your Kindle Fire, MBC does work very well for that purpose.

Thank you to Clover and Violet for sharing the Pinterest friendly button.

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