Wednesday, April 3, 2013

ActionTunes Waterproof MP3 Player with MP3 Jammer Software for iTunes

This is a part two of my Swimming post.   In my Pinterest Pin in my Swimming post, I mentioned that one of the reasons I am looking forward to swimming season is that I now have a waterproof .mp3 player.  

I am very happy with it as it works in or out of the water so that I can use it on my walks and will be able to use it in the pool.   It has a rechargeable battery, wraparound head design (so no dangling cords) and 4 GB of built in memory which is plenty for a couple of hours or walking or swimming each day.  It works with both itunes and Windows 7.  It cost more than I had initially budgeted for an .mp3 player but after researching my choices, I decided this was the best one for my needs and worth the extra money for it.  I have not regretted my choice at all.

This is the swimming pool out on the deck, where I plan to spend a lot of time this summer having fun while getting fit with my new waterproof .mp3 player.

Please see review  for  my detailed thoughts on this .mp3 player including the very positive experience I had with their customer service.   I gave it 5 stars and definitely recommend the product.

Thank you to Clover and Violet for sharing the Pinterest friendly button.

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