Friday, May 25, 2012


My other blog tends to be much more serious, so I decided that I wanted to create one where I can talk about the things that interest me - everything from
  • gadgets that intrigue me (including my Kindle Touch and Kindle Fire) and
  • the productivity apps I use,
  • games I play
  • shows I watch on my Kindle Fire or PC
  • books I read on my Kindle Touch in hard copy
  • to the podcasts I listen to and blogs I read.

My hope is that as time goes on, those who follow me in various other platforms (ranging from my other blog to Facebook and Twitter and Pinterest and Google+) will join me here and others will meet me here and we can have some interesting discussions.

This blog will also have far more links than my other blog so that readers can easily get more information on anything I write about.   Perhaps I have a favorite podcast you have not heard of, perhaps you have one that would intrigue me that you can share with me.

I look forward to the journey.

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