Saturday, May 26, 2012

Doctor Who Musical special

I have the biggest smile on my face after watching

I never knew this video existed and after watching it twice in the last half hour, I am still grinning ear to ear.   I have loved the Buffy musical episode ("Once More, With Feeling ") for years and am thrilled to find a singing and dancing video for the cast and crew of a show that I have loved since well before Buffy was even created.

From the YouTube description:

"To The Proclaimers "I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)," here's the cast and crew special for the end of David Tennant's tenure as the Doctor.

It was watched at the wrap party with all the cast and crew."

I had a blast watching Doctor Who staff (from all the departments) and actors (including David Tennant, Catherine Noble, Billie Piper, Camille Coduri (Jackie Tyler), John Barrowman, Russell Tovey (from Voyage of the Damned), Sarah Jane Smith, Tommy Knight (her son on the show), Bernard Cribins (Wilfred Mott), Jacqueline King (Sylvia Noble), Freema Agyeman, Noel Clarke (Mickey Smith), the Master (John Simm), plus various in costume actors such as an Ood, Sontoran, etc.) very, very clearly enjoying themselves enthusiastically singing and dancing.

I only learned today (via Pinterest) that this video existed.  I hope you will enjoy watching it as much as I did.

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