Saturday, May 26, 2012


As soon as I got my Kindle Fire, I went shopping for apps to turn it into as close to a full tablet as I could.    Since I am memory impaired, one of the most important things for me is that my Fire be able to function as a PDA. Thus one of my very first app purchases was CalenGoo.

Calengoo seamlessly syncs my Kindle Fire and my Google calendar.     It will also sync with android calendars.    I put anything I want to remember (everything from appointments to watering the plants to taking my medication) on my Google Calendar and set it to send me a pop up reminder.     The reminders show up as a Notification on my Kindle Fire.  Notifications beep when they arrive to alert you to look at your Fire.    A number in the top left (next to the name of your Fire) tells you how many you have and one tap opens your Notifications list to quickly show you all waiting notifications.  A second tap take you to the appropriate app for each one.

I know that a few folks who reviewed Calengoo had concerns about giving the app their Amazon log in data but I used the feature which allowed Calengoo to take me directly to Google instead to log in and I had not problem at all connecting to my Google Calendar.

I cannot personally attest to how well Calengoo works on other Android devices, but if you have a Kindle Fire and use Google Calendar then I strongly recommend CalenGoo as a very easy to use way to access your Google Calendar on your Fire.   


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