Monday, April 8, 2013

Second Life home

These are a couple of pictures of the Second Life home I share with my love, who I have to thank for the my wonderful new pinterest friendly logo at the bottom of my new blog pages.

The first picture is the outside of our home (which I built) showing a sign post that was a gift from a very good friend, real life and Second life.

The second pictures shows three of our animated kitties.

I think SL pets help to make a home much more realistic.   The two in the window are only two prims each.   The one on the floor, roams around, eats, plays with a ball, uses a scratching post, etc.

As I type this post, I am fishing in a Second Life Neo-Realms fishing tourney to win lindens which can be converted into actual U.S. Dollars and then later tonight, I will go sailing in Second Life with the friend who made the sign in the first picture above.

If you have not tried Second Life yet, I invite you to do so.   There are many interesting things to do there.  It is a great place for creative folks and for spiritual folks, as there are groups that come together to meditate, etc. also on Second Life.   No matter what your interest, there is something for almost everyone.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Nadia kitty

Nadia had a rough life when she was young but was surrounded by love for the last 2/3 or so of her life.

This is one of my favorite pictures of her, on the table on the deck, Queen of all she surveys.

Nadia would not tolerate any other animal in the house and accepted adoration from humans simply as her just due.      We miss her very much.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Mobile Second Life

There are times I find it very handy to be able to pop into Second Life for a few minutes to touch base with someone without having to turn my desktop on to do so.   For example, it is perfect for doing things such as letting my long term (since 2005) Second Life love know that I need to finish a few things up before I come in world.

In my love's arms at our favorite Sunday night dance on Second Life.

For times like this, I am very glad that there is a Second Life app that works on the Kindle Fire (original and HD).  Note that the picture above was taken using a full viewer.   Mobile Grid Client is a text only client.

Unlike SL apps like Lumiya (which is not available for the Kindle Fire), you do need to pay monthly (in lindens) for Mobile Grid Client after your free 20 day trial runs out, but I simply have it linked to my 2005 Second Life account.   She receives a $500 linden a week stipend, so it is easy to have the $250 linden a month for Mobile Grid deducted from it.

Yes, I would prefer an app that I could pay for just once instead of monthly but until I have a new cell phone, my only Second Life mobile option is Mobile Grid Client (MBC).   If you are looking for a way to touch base with your Second Life friends with your Kindle Fire, MBC does work very well for that purpose.

Thank you to Clover and Violet for sharing the Pinterest friendly button.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

ActionTunes Waterproof MP3 Player with MP3 Jammer Software for iTunes

This is a part two of my Swimming post.   In my Pinterest Pin in my Swimming post, I mentioned that one of the reasons I am looking forward to swimming season is that I now have a waterproof .mp3 player.  

I am very happy with it as it works in or out of the water so that I can use it on my walks and will be able to use it in the pool.   It has a rechargeable battery, wraparound head design (so no dangling cords) and 4 GB of built in memory which is plenty for a couple of hours or walking or swimming each day.  It works with both itunes and Windows 7.  It cost more than I had initially budgeted for an .mp3 player but after researching my choices, I decided this was the best one for my needs and worth the extra money for it.  I have not regretted my choice at all.

This is the swimming pool out on the deck, where I plan to spend a lot of time this summer having fun while getting fit with my new waterproof .mp3 player.

Please see review  for  my detailed thoughts on this .mp3 player including the very positive experience I had with their customer service.   I gave it 5 stars and definitely recommend the product.

Thank you to Clover and Violet for sharing the Pinterest friendly button.


I had planned to do a post on Second Life fishing a few days ago but never managed get motivated to do it.; So will do a water based post instead today.

Second Life Pic of the Day 04/02/2013  has a beautiful picture of Second Life water and boats. The picture is so amazing I had to look closely to convince myself that it was actually a Second Life picture.

Being slightly sidelined with a minor foot injury and thus not able to take my usual walks this week is making me eager for swimming season, as a good way to still get exercise in when I need to go easy on weight bearing, lose the last 10 pounds and tone up

In the meantime, I have been reading (and pinning, see below) on matters related to swimming.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Reading break

Tomorrow I will do a post on Second Life fishing but after having been away for a few days, going to share a Pinterest pin that makes me smile as it combines two of my loves: reading and animals.

On the topic of reading books, I linked Good Reads to my Facebook today but am not sure how much I will use it yet. I always have several books (hard copy and ebook) going at once but not sure it I will be likely to take the time to write reviews on Good Reads.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Cancer fund raiser

One of the many things that I enjoy about Second Life is that there are many ways to do things on it to help contribute to real life charities.    For example, every year, thousands of people on Second Life get involved in various ways with teams that are registered with to raise money for real life cancer research.

The Second Life economy is based on Linden Dollars which can be converted to U.S. Dollars.    Relay for Life of Second Life holds a wide variety of events in Second Life to raise Linden Dollars, which are converted to U.S. Dollars and donated to the American Cancer Society.  Last year, SL RFL events raised $375,385 U.S. Dollars for cancer research.   (Information from

I am helping out one of the many RFL teams on Second Life.   This one is called the Sunbeamers and is part of the Second Life Sunweavers group that I have been a member of since 2008.  (I joined Second Life in 2005).

One of my avatars on Second Life is named Pickles SecretSpy.   She has been a furry for the last couple of years but was a human before that.    The following pictures show her in both forms: (note that due to blogspot coding issues that even the best HTML coder I know, could not work around, if you click to enlarge a picture, the sliders on this post will disappear. Reloading this page will bring them back.)

 The next two pictures are of Pickles out dancing in her furry form.   The bottom one was taken at a recent (March 16, 2013) St. Patrick's Day event at Club Cutlass.

Tonight's fundraising event will invite folks to come to our Second Life Club (Club Cutlass) located at  in Second Life and donate lindens to vote to either keep Pickles and the Club Owner, Rita Mariner, a furry or vote to have them "go human" for a period of time, depending on how much is raised for cancer research.

If you have a Second Life account and would like to help out a great cause, please join us in world tonight between 9 - 11 PM EST (6 - 8 PM Second Life time.).   The music will be provided by a good friend of mine, Dusk Griswold, who plays a lot of great hits from the 60s and 70s.   The theme for the event is the anything purple.

Thank you to Clover and Violet for sharing the Pinterest friendly button.